Hello, Welcome to your friendly neighbourhood Indian grocery store. This site is for onsite pick up.

The site is set up to shop just like a regular store. Just browse the aisles for what you want using the aisle billboards. There are over 700 items. Currently I am using deep foods' warehouse as the shipping point to ensure that the snacks and all other items you get are as fresh as they can be.

Using this site is easy here are Some Tips :

Know Exactly What You Want ? Just Search. Click on the "Search..." box and enter the item you are looking for. Type only a few letters of the item you want. Note, sometimes we spell things differently, if at first you don't get it, try spelling it a different way.

Strolling Through An Aisle :

you click on an aisle, you will find yourself on the aisle's billboard. Here you will get a glimpse of the sections and the brands in that aisle. You can select any preferred section(s) and/or brand(s) then press <> and a list of products will appear. To get back to the billboard just click on the aisle name or you can go to next or previous aisle to browse through the billboards of all the aisles.

Listing Preference :

Once you get a list of items you will notice that the order is of popularity. That is, the most requested items get placed first. The reasoning is that if you know what you want you can just Search. However if you still want things alphabetically then click "A - Z" and the list will appear in alphabetical order, another method is by "sort price" this will sort items with the least expensive item first.

Selecting An Item :

See something you like? Just click <add to cart>. If you want more than one, adjust the number under "qty" before clicking on <add to cart>. All done? Got everything you need? Time to click <view cart/check out>. You can see your selected item in either Dry cart or Frozen Cart as per your selection. If everything looks ok then follow the instructions for <check out> . Enter the necessary information, the email address you enter will be our way identifying and communicating with you. The password you enter will help you access your account with us at a later date, keeping unwanted hackers from passing themselves off as you. You will need to enter your billing address and charge card information. When you are done you will shortly receive confirmation by email/text message for the order status.

Have Fun Secure Shopping :

If you have any questions or suggestions please write me. I always look forward to hearing from my valuable customers.

For Customer Services email : [email protected] Gorcery Babu is powered by PandoArch Systems (www.pandoarch.com).

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